Latest Press Clippings

A quick overview of coverage to date. Including being included in the “big three” – The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Times – in the space of one week.

Posted by Alex Furness, December 2018

Over 260 charities join

Charity e-card initiative reports that the number of charity registrations to the platform has more than doubled in a year.

Posted by Alex Furness, September 2018

Shelter almost doubles expected donations with charity ecard system

Shelter fundraised almost 90% more than they originally expected to with online greeting card alternative over the festive period.

Posted by Alex Furness, March 2018

People ditching Christmas cards for charity donations as part of 'Don't Send Me A Card' trend

Our charity e-card venture featured as a trend, according to The Telegraph.

Posted by Alex Furness, December 2017

Over 100 UK charities jump on board ecard platform

UK charities are joining a social enterprise that provides them with a new income stream using an innovative take on the £1.7bn greeting card market.

Posted by Alex Furness, September 2017

Online alternative to Christmas cards offers peace of mind during postal strike

An online alternative to Christmas cards is providing consumers with the peace of mind that their Christmas greetings will be seen by recipients in light of the news today of a postal strike.

Posted by Alex Furness, December 2016

Website counters increasingly commercial Valentine's Day with cards that give back

Users of e-card website are sending their Valentine's cards online and donating the cost equivalent of a card to one of 48 UK charities, as an alternative to the over-commercialisation of Valentine's Day.

Posted by Alex Furness, February 2016

E-card venture sees people donate the cost
of printed Christmas cards

A new e-card venture is helping charities raise funds by letting people send out e-cards, and donate the cost of printed cards and stamps.

Posted by Alex Furness, December 2015