Latest Press Clippings

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NY Times, December 2019
'One of World’s First Printed Christmas Cards Goes on Display'

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UK Fundraising, December 2019
' launches user account version'

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LBC Radio, December 2019
Invited on to provide opinion on a school banning Christmas cards, with Andrew Pierce.

Charity Digital News Logo

Charity Digital News, October 2019
'Charity e-card platform boosts services'

Metro Logo

Metro, January 2019
Our carbon stats used in 'How to recycle Christmas cards and Christmas trees' logo, November 2018
'Shelter’s hugely successful Christmas ecard campaign'

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Logo

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, December 2018
Invited on to discuss Christmas cards and the alternatives, with Chris Mann.

Charity Times, September 2018
'Hundreds of charities to receive donations from e-cards'

Charity Digital News Logo

Charity Digital News, March 2018
'Shelter hails charity ecard system'

The Telegraph Logo

The Telegraph, December 2017
'People ditching Christmas cards for charity donations as part of 'Don't Send Me A Card' trend'

The Guardian Logo

The Guardian, December 2017
A mention of our venture and a link through to our carbon research piece produced by The University of Exeter. This article started a fierce debate about printed versus digital cards.

The Times Logo

The Times, December 2017
A mention of our venture amidst an opposite opinion of what we're doing. We are happy to gain visibility in The Times regardless and we love the fact that there is a clear divide between those that love our product and those that couldn't go without paper cards.

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Third Sector, December 2017
Featured as part of their Digital Round Up.

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UK Fundraising, September 2017
'Over 100 charities use'

Charity Digital News Logo

Charity Digital News, September 2017
Reporting on our new charity account version.

Exeter Daily Logo

Exeter Daily, March 2016
Talking about the Seedbed accelerator where our venture was a participant.

BBC Radio Devon Logo

BBC Radio Stoke, December 2015
Invited on by the brilliant Simon Bates to discuss Christmas card alternatives. We are based in the region.

BBC Radio Stoke Logo

BBC Radio Stoke, December 2014
Invited us on to a talk show discussion on the topic of Christmas card waste.

Exeter Daily Logo

Devon Life, May 2014
Article in printed edition of Devon Life showcasing the launch of DontSendMeACard.

BBC Radio Stoke Logo

Riviera FM, April 2014
Invited us on to talk about our plans for our recently launched startup.